The Well-trained Mary Jane & No Greenery-Yallery ~1893

Grid, our cookbook authoress extraordinaire, has something of a way with words. Her slightly condescending, while equally imploring tone conveys a wonderful sense of character, especially given that it was 1893. I have no idea how she managed to get her cookbook published.

Check out these delightful chapter descriptions:

Cookbook Chapter Descriptions ~1893

My favorites:

  • It’s important to be on good terms with your cook (agree – or else employ Margot Wölk)
  • It’s a mistake to employ a French chef if you don’t know anything about cooking (makes intuitive sense)

    Grid – Keeping Cooking Real Since 1893
  • On the well-trained Mary-Jane (I think she’s referring to me…)
  • Decorating the table – No strong scented flowers, no ‘greenerey-yallery’ stuffs (Good here – usually the table has homework, bills and laptop)
  • No fads or frills (agree)
  • Why? Oh, why? Always French menus for the most simple and thoroughly English dinners? (Can’t you just imagine her raising her arms in despair? Poor Grid, trying to bring enlightenment to the masses…)
  • On wines – simplicity and sincerity to quality (Here! Here!)

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to do my best to follow Grid’s advice. I will not hire a French cook. All of my menus will be in English. I will drink quality wines.

I’m also going to attempt to integrate ‘greenerey-yallery stuffs’ into my vocabulary, as in: “Son, what is all this greenerey-yallery stuff growing under your bed?”

It seems a shame that we’ve lost such a color turn of phrase…

Source: Real Cookery, by Grid. 1893. Cassell Publishing Co.

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