Boiled Celery Recipe ~1886

Boiled Celery Recipe – 1886

What a perfect celery pyramid!

Originally from the Mediterranean region, humans have cultivated celery for thousands of years. Here in the U.S., we typically only eat the stalks and leaves. I had never thought of cooking and serving the ends of celery (wait, they’re called the ‘heads’…).

Flora von Deutschland – 1885

Typically the ends go to our pet rabbits – but this looks promising!

Celery is a great winter vegetable because it can be stored for an extended period of time.  It tends to be cheaper in the winter months than other vegetables, making it an economical weekly staple for our family.

Carb free. Gluten Free. High fiber. Celery love.

Celery adds a wonderful fresh flavor to soups. Usually I just throw in it a pot and boil away, so I would imagine that this recipe would be similar, only a little more intense.

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Source: Miss Corson’s Practical American Cookery and Household Management, 1886.

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