Prairie Chicken Recipe ~1886

Prairie Chicken Recipe, 1886

What, you are probably asking, are prairie chickens? Well, having lived in Illinois for some time now, I actually know!

Prairie chickens are a threatened species due to hunting (see recipe above) and habitat loss – in this case thanks to industrial agriculture. You can spot them in the early mornings on farm roads, but even this is a rarity. Beautiful birds. Farmers can apply for federal farm grants to maintain the native prairie lands around their streams to help protect the birds’ habitat. As a result, you’ll drive by miles of corn and soybean fields and see the wavy cutouts of tall prairie grass following the stream beds – and maybe even a prairie chicken!

Alas, I will be unable to try this recipe out due to factors beyond my control, but here is a feathered fowl to feast your eyes on!

Delicious Looking Prairie Chicken

Source: Miss Corson’s American Cookery and Household Management, 1886.

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  1. These little guys have had a lot of press, thanks to the Audobon Society and other groups. Interesting to learn that the farmers are growing native grasses for them! Thank you. And maybe the recipe could be tried with a small chicken or Cornish game hen?

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