Advice on Mushroom Foraging ~1866

For all of you mycologists and mycophagists out there, how reliable are these general guidelines for mushroom foraging? Does this spell certain death? Or will we, the gentle reader, be enjoying a lovely sauteed mushroom repast? Leave your comments below! More Fun Discoveries Eating an Artichoke ~1886 The Well-trained Mary Jane & No Greenery-Yallery ~1893... Continue Reading →

Oranges With Jelly ~1886

Oranges filled with jelly sound delicious! And "The effect is very pretty." Note the reference to Florida orange jelly. If you do a quick internet search, you come up with oranges filled with jello, but I don't think it's necessarily what they were going for. That said, I'm sure the modern twist is probably easier!... Continue Reading →

This is a fun find! We have Pillbury's Best, Gold Medal, and Red Star - all lasting through the ages. Alas, no Hamilton's Fancy, Plant's Extra, Patapsco (great word), or King of All. More Fun Discoveries Illustration: Pastry ~1886 Cannelons With Cream ~1886 Corn Bread Recipe ~1905  

Illustration: Pastry ~1886

Today's post is dedicated to all of the Cook's Illustrated enthusiasts out there! Thank you, Miss Corson, for keeping it real for all 19th century home cooks. More Fun Discoveries Corn Bread Recipe ~1905 At the Head of the Vegetable Class Stands Bread ~1856 Cannelons With Cream ~1886 Source: Miss Corson's Practical American Cookery and... Continue Reading →

Cannelons With Cream ~1886

Cannelons: Not to be confused with cannoli, but the similarity is uncanny, no? Something was lost in translation...darned Italian grammar. The baking stick illustration is marvelous! One can imagine the young children of the household running around with these in mock battles! Here is a fried cannellons recipes from 1830: To read the description, they... Continue Reading →

Nut and Wine Pairing Recipe ~1886

"Man has been accorded by a kindly nature four stout companions to sustain and console him on his terrestrial pilgrimage. They are wine, spirits, fortified wines and beer. These drinks provide the solace, relaxation and stimulus that a man needs if he is to complete with equanimity his arduous and often arid journey." - Alec... Continue Reading →

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