Resolutions on Temperance: “To Uphold Every Vice and Iniquity in the Land…” ~1866

resolution_temperance_nytribune1866Source: New York Tribune, April 10, 1866.

Though a bit of a challenge on the eyes, this newspaper clipping is a fascinating find. It reads:


The Temperance Questions was next in order of business, and the following report was made on the subject:

Whereas, The foes of temperance unite and cooperate in the interests of rumsellers and drunkard-makers to uphold every vice and iniquity of the land, and slavery, treason, disunion, or whatever else exalts itself against the Christian religion; therefore.

Resolved, That all moral and Christian men should unite and wield their influence, wealth and power for the overthrow of the drinking habits and customs which are destroying our young men and women.


Hot Coffee and Soda Recipe for Teetotalers, 1886

Resolved, That we recognize with gratitude to God the increased interest and activity which the Christian world is now manifesting in the great temperance movement, and especially do we rejoice in the prominent Christian idea which distinguishes the present agitation of the reform.

Resolved, That we recognize the National Temperance Society recently organized a most effectual agent for the prosecution of the work before us, and we hereby pledge ourselves to aid it in all possible means in the circulation of its literature, and by a hearty cooperation with all its agencies sent to establish its sound principles.

Resolved, That we will preach on the subject of total abstinence, and, by example and precept, set our face against the social use of all alcoholic preparation.

Currant Water Recipe 1886, Temperance

Factual Note: U.S. prohibition lasted from 1920-1933, so this almost 60 years earlier.

I can’t imagine a committee of our contemporary concerned citizens taking advertising space in to write something similar – and certainly not with this language: vice and iniquity…slavery, treason, and disunion…oh my…

That said, I get the sense that the being a temperance advocate was not uncommon. In every cookbook from this era, there are recipes explicitly written for the individuals who abstain from alcohol. Check out the Hot Coffee and Soda and the Currant Water recipes!

Personal Note: I’m more inclined to agree with Ben Franklin who said something along the lines of “Wine is sure proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

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  1. Interesting that temperance drinks were in all of the era’s cookbooks. I wonder how many of those recipes enticed people to stay away from alcohol!

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