Chocolate and a Mysterious Ending ~1856


Source: Practical American Cookery and Domestic Economy, E. Hall, 1856.

Right after extolling the virtues of Chocolate, and prior to the General Index, we find this mysterious excerpt:

Men with unassuming wives never fail. It is the husbands of such women as Mrs. Dash and Lady Brilliant who find themselves face to face with the sheriff, and certain mysterious documents, adorned with red tape and wafers, big enough for target exercise.

No explanation provided.

Frequently, home cookery books end with publication lists of other books and regional vendors targeting the homemaker. Not so in this instance. Is this a simple footnote from E. Hall advocating for demure comportment? Is it a reference to a contemporary literary work? Does the red tape here really mean ‘red tape’? What are these documents and wafers?

If you happen to know or have any creative guesses, post a response!

Chocolate and a good mystery….a perfect pairing.

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