Grandma’s Angel Food Cake

Here's a "Very Good" Angel Food Cake recipe from Grandma's Recipe Book. Let us take a moment to reflect on the lost art of penmanship. Source: Grandma's Recipe Book

An Introduction to Coffee 1856

Coffee from the 1850s. Coffee, like tea, should be an infusion, not a decoction. This month I am dedicating each Monday to coffee, the rich, dark brew that invigorates and never inebriates. In reading about coffee in various cookery books, we find that the beans are always purchased fresh. There is a great deal of... Continue Reading →

Daily Routine 1941

Is it Monday? AGAIN?!?! Thinking about the many ways our lives and routines have shifted over the past year. We have a routine here in the Convivial Household, starting with coffee in the morning, then waking up The Boy and The Girl to get them online for school. Log in to remote work. The day... Continue Reading →

Tuna Mushroom Roll

Here's another recipe from grandma. This actually looks really good! Date unknown. This one looks like another crowd pleaser - I'm guessing her cookbook has several quick and delicious recipes that would have been appropriate for a rowdy household!

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